Wedding – Francois & Elza

Francois & Elza were married in Centurion, last week Saturday. Fortunately, even though it was mid-winter, we had a lovely warm day for the occasion. Elza look beautiful in her silver gown, and her Bridesmaids were just delightful in their purple dresses and silver shoes. The Groom was tall, handsome and dashing – overall we had  the perfect recipe for a Dream Wedding 🙂

I had some photographic challenges, as the wedding ceremony took place outdoors at midday. There was direct, very bright, overhead sunshine on Elza and Francois’ faces, and no way I could move them to a better location! I exposed for the highlights, and pulled out the details in post-processing. Later, when taking the formal photos, I was able to pose the couple in a shaded area and fill in with my on-camera flash.

The best light was at around 5pm, when the sun was low in the western sky, and we made some beautiful images of the couple and their friends and families. Once the sun had set, I made the best use of the available light, and fill-in flash – for some fun poses.

I used my Canon EOS60D and a 17-55mm f 2.8 lens for most of the work.  My on-camera Yongnuo flash is turning out to be a very reliable and hard-working unit, at half the price of my fancy Canon flash unit that gave up the ghost at the first sign of pressure!

This was another very enjoyable photographic experience 🙂

Elza & Bridesmaids 1 Vintage

Ceremony 37 Vintage Ceremony 31 Vintage


Formal 71

Formal 62

Formal 26 Vintage

Formal 16 Vintage

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  1. Elza says:

    This is soooo beautiful. Thanks Cathy for all your hard work.

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