Maternity Photography

It is important when photographing very pregnant ladies, to remember that they get tired easily and they can’t move around as comfortably as other people. I only book one-hour photography sessions, and I let the Mum-to-be sit down and rest if I think she is looking tired. The last thing I want is for her to fall and hurt herself or her precious unborn baby!

I try to keep the poses natural and comfortable. Don’t try to “pose” the pregnant Mum too much – just allow her to be herself, and choose poses that won’t strain her in any way.

It’s good to include the Dad and any siblings in the shoot – they are also very excited about the new Baby, and they often exhibit very tender feelings towards the Bump.

There are a few “classic” poses which work very well, and really show the couple’s feelings towards their newest child:

– Having Dad kneel on the floor, place both hands on the Bump, and place a tender kiss on the Mum’s belly. I like to include the Mum’s face in this one – they always show their delight. I’m not sure if it’s because of Dad’s tender gesture, or if it’s simply having your Husband kneeling in front of you 🙂
Khanyo Maternity Shoot-29

– Dad stands behind Mum, and forms a “heart” shape with his hands on the Bump, centered on the belly button. The Mum places her hands over his, in the same shape. Important to place his hands first – sometimes Dad can’t quite reach!
Khanyo Maternity Shoot-63

– Bring in little brother, let him stand on a posing stool next to Mum, and watch the magic happen
Khanyo Maternity Shoot-7

Khanyo Maternity Shoot-15

– I like to take a few photos in natural light, next to the Venetian blinds in my studio. These can be very soft and moody…I always ask the Mum-to-be to have a serious expression, and to look out the window, not at my camera.
Khanyo Maternity Shoot-27

– If Mum doesn’t mind sitting cross-legged on the floor, place one of the sibling’s favourite soft toys in front of her and focus on it, using a very shallow depth of field. The idea is for Mum to be out of focus, and the toy to be the main subject.
Khanyo Maternity Shoot-20

– This one requires the Dad’s help. I wrapped Mum in a length of chiffon and asked Dad to stand off to the side and throw the chiffon into the air. Good timing, some work in Photoshop, and the result is something really special 🙂
Khanyo Maternity Shoot-1

There are many ways to photograph a young family expecting a new baby. It’s very important to give the clients a calm, relaxing experience in studio. I always try to focus on the feelings the parents have for their children – old and new – and for each other. Pregnancy and birth are life-altering experiences, and the photographer should remember that these photos will be treasured and looked at with fond memories for years to come.

* My thanks to Khanyo for her permission to use these photos here. I hope your new baby girl will be a happy and healthy child, and will grow up to be a kind, compassionate and free thinking woman.

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  1. Khanyo says:

    I couldn’t love these more if I tried they make me grin like the cat that got the milk. Thank you so much Cathy! We looooved doing this and we cant wait to bring the princes for her first shoot 🙂

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